At iPACK, we want to bring style and value to our core customers. iPACK branded products are designed for travelers on the go who want sleek designs and well-built product. Our goal is 100% iPACK customer satisfaction. From product development and manufacturing, to shipping and customer service, iPACK stands behind each and every item we sell, following up with our customers to insure our guarantee is solid. It is with this vision that iPACK embarks on a full service luggage brand launch, building excellent teams, marketing the best products and reaching out to learn what our customers need and want from the iPACK brand. We take great pride in our work and make strong commitments to our customers, employees and partners. Thank you for visiting us!




iPACK is a forward looking luggage and bag brand whose commitment is to the weekend and world traveler. Our product takes care of all your important belongings whether it’s a journey across town or around the world. We put together a brand identity which focused our commitment to new designs and colors to help make travel everything it is designed to be.

Our mission is to make travel easy and fun. Eight wheels instead of four make rolling over the world an adventure in itself. We want our customers to shop here, use our products, and return often because iPACK is about affordability, value and fun. Lightweight craftsmanship helps today’s travelers get where they’re going in style.